Popular for exotic and luxury resorts, Cayo Coco is an island situated in Central Cuba. It is isolated from the mainland Cuba and are only connected by means of a man-made causeway that spans several miles long. A security checkpoint is used to control access. The fact that Cayo Coco is not connected makes it a great destination for a hideaway or a relaxation trip.

In as much as Cayo Coco is a popular cruise port, it is not possible for cruise ships to dock to the actual port. Cruisers are therefore tendered ashore, which is in its own sense an exciting experience. The area is famed for its long beaches which provide an ample ground for a fantastic beach experience. For the nature lovers, this region is an awesome destination as you can treat yourself to a stunning view of flamingos that live in the bay’s shallow waters right from the causeway. It is however noteworthy that this is not very common. A large part of Cayo Coco is still wild and has got a large number of swamps and scrublands. Wild cattle are also a common [part of this region.

After getting off the cruise ship, there are just a whole lot of interesting stuff that a cruiser can take part in. moving around this region is easy courtesy of mopeds and bicycles. There is also a tourist bus that treats visitors to a trip of this stunning region. There are also shopping destinations with incredible stuff and the cuisine is just worth trying out.