Cienfuegos is one of the smallest provinces in Cuba and has an economy that largely depends on sugar, both growing and processing. The region is a popular tourist destination and one of the most famous tourist attractions in this region is scuba diving. The Cienfuegos port boasts of more than fifty dive sites with incredible underwater caves.

The harbors of Cienfuegos are deep and well aligned and they allow for the easy docking of cruise ships close to the town center. This makes it really easy for cruisers to get off their ships and begin exploring the region. It is referred to as The Pearl of the South due to the incredible beauty displayed by its bay. This name is also pulled out of the attractive city that sparks a good feeling both on visitors and locals alike. As compared to the other regions of the country, the history of Cienfuegos is pretty different.

Due to the important role that the city plays as a domestic and international port, Cienfuegos offers a cosmopolitan feel which makes it pleasantly interesting. It boasts of straight streets which are also rather wide making navigation very easy. You can move around freely and explore the attractions that it hosts. Besides the dolphin show, you can also opt for a trip to Parque Jose Marti or hop onto a ferry to Jaguar Castle. Besides a sightseeing tour, you can also go for a shopping excursion as the Cienfuegos has merchandise that are specially made for tourists.