usain-st-leo-bolt1. Cricket was his first love when it comes to sport

Long before the dream of super stardom as a sprinter was hatched, Usain’s passion was cricket and he was a promising fast bowler at an early age. But his sports master at school realized his running speed on the field and urged him to take up track and field.
He admits to being lazy when it comes to training but being as gifted as he is he always manages to get the job done. Chris Gayle, Sachin Tendulkar, Matthew Hayden, Waqar Younis are some of his favorite cricketers.
2. But he has always wanted to play football for Manchester United
So cricket was his first love but over time he became a fan of Manchester United and believes he could actually make the team of one of England’s top football clubs. He first expressed his desire to lace up for Man U during the tenure of coach Alex Ferguson, playing in an attacking role.
3. He’s got his own app, headphone, clothing line and restaurant.
App: Usain Bolt has got his own app, which was launched in 2012 for Apple iOS phone users. In the game, ‘Bolt!’, users have to get the animated version of the track star pass several challenges to win the challenge.
Headphone: With Soul Electronics, Bolt has launched two types of Bolt edition Run-Free headphones.
Clothing Line: We all know the ‘To Di World’ pose, well that’s his trademark that’s on his line of shorts, caps and other items.
Restaurant: Teaming with KLE Group, Bolt has launched the Usain Bolt’s Tracks and Records sports bar in Jamaica’s capital, Kingston. In September, the first franchise was officially opened in Ocho Rios, St Ann, along Jamaica’s northeast, after a soft opening in time for the Rio Olympics in August.
4. Usain was born with scoliosis
Something that is rarely talked about, is the fact that Usain was born with scoliosis. It is said that during the early part of his track career it affected him but with proper training and exercise he has overcome the problem.
He is not the first Olympic champion to have been affected by the condition. On such is American swimmer, Jennifer Thompson Cumpelik, who, competing in the 1992, 1996, 2000 and 2004 Summer Olympics, won 12 medals including eight gold. She won numerous other medals in other competitions including the Word Championship and Pan American Games
5. He won Olympic race with shoe lace untied
In a photograph of Usain Bolt winning the 100m final at the Beijing 2008 Olympics, it was noticed that one of his shoes laces has become untied as he raced. Trivial matter, some say. After all, he ran 9.69 seconds to win the gold in world record time. The following year at the World Championships he bettered that time, running 9.58. This time his laces were intact throughout the race. Maybe it wasn’t so trivial at all!
usain-bolt6. Bolt is a billionaire in Jamaican dollars. He is worth US$60 Million (Approximately $7.5 Billion in Jamaican dollars)
Endorsement deals from brands such as Gatorade, Nissan, Visa, Hublot, Virgin Media and Puma have significantly boosted Bolt’s earnings. In fact, it is estimated that over 90 percent of his earnings come from endorsements with the rest coming from appearance fees and prize monies.
Usain Bolt is listed at #91 on Forbes Celebrity 100 List for 2016 and #32 on the list of The World’s Highest Paid Athletes, 2016.
7. Bolt is first in so many ways
Usain Bolt is used to winning big race, at the Olympics and World Championships. He’s also used to coming first when it comes to setting standards.
Imagine this. He is the first to sub-9.70 seconds when he ran 9.69 at the Olympics in Beijing, China in 2008. He returned the following year and was the first to run sub-9.60 when he ran the world record 9.58 seconds at the World championships in Germany in 2009.
He is first to win the sprint double (win 100m and 200m) at the Olympics, and also the first to complete the triple by winning the 4×100 relay, doing so in China in 2008.
He is the first to complete the double-double (defending the 100m and 200m titles) and the double-triple (add the 4x100m relay to that) at the Olympics, this in London 2012.
He is the first to complete the triple-double (win to 100m and 200m) and the triple-triple (add the 4x100m relay) at three succesive Olympic games, at Rio 2016.
8. He admits he is superstitious
Bolt finally admits he is superstitious in an interbview with Ian Boyne on Profile, telling the interviewer that he always said he was not superstitious but realises that for World Championships ne never cuts hs hair, but for the Olympics he is always well groomed. Superstitious or not, he always wins and that’s what counts.
9. He likes his women curvy
Ladies, if you want to give yourself a chance in UB’s book, then you need that curvacious figure. That’s one of the first thinhs he looks for in a woman, he says.
10. He wants a family with three kids!
Yes, the world’s fastest man want to slow down, get married and have three children. He says he was brought up in the church and has high respect for marriage and is very serious about family life. “I can’t deal with the baby mother dram,” he says.
11. Bolt once had 11 cars
He used to be a car lover, owning up to 11 cars at one time. Now the figure is down to six. “I’m a BMW man,” he once said. However, he also said he is proud of his gold Nissan Skyline GT-R. His dream cars include the Lamborghini Aventador
12. Bolt is loyal, or maybe it’s his friends who are
The fastest man alive says he has known all his close friends for over 10 years. His best and most mentioned friend is Nugent Walker, otherwise called NJ. They go way back to grade one in primary school.
13. He was home boy and still is
Bolt’s dad, Wellesley, hardly let him go out as a youngster. Some people say now that he is a grown man that is why he loves to party so much. But did you know that Bolt actually loves to stay home and take it easy, sometimes just playing dominoes with friends? Yep.
“I’m a home person,” he confessed in a 2015 interview. At home he’s got a pool, bar, cabanas, friends coming over.
14. He’s his mother’s only child
Jennifer Bolt has one child. His name is Usain St Leo Bolt and he is the world’s fastest human being ever! On the other hand, he is one of three children for his father, Wellesley, the other two preceding his marriage to Usain’s mom.
15. Early motivation to do track and field
Usain’s earliest motivation to do track and field was to make money, enough to buy his mother a washing machine, to buy his dad a car, to help his parents pay off the loan to build their house….and to party! Today, he can do a whole lot more and is fact is doing so, he being a recognized philanthropist.
Article written for by Mr.Carl Gilchrist
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