One of the major ports of Cuba and its leading economic center, Havana is the capital city of Cuba and extends westwards and southwards from the bay. It is the hub of the Cuban Government and hosts various business headquarters, ministries as well as numerous diplomatic offices. The city of Havana attracts millions of tourists annually probably due to its striking culture and rich history.

Due to its wide ports, Havana started as a trading port. It faced quite a lot of setbacks as it was constantly attacked by pirates, French Corsairs as well as buccaneers. It has however grown over the years to become one of the major cruise ports not only in Cuba but in the entire Caribbean as well. Docking in Havana is sure to treat cruisers to an amazing experience. The Old Havana Core, otherwise known as La Habana Vieja for instance is an architectural gem treasure trove.

One can also take a tour to the legendary Castillo del Morro which towers the city and its harbor. From the Morro Castle, one can have a picturesque view of the sea, harbor and the city at large. You can also take a chance at exploring the wealthy past of the region that is made evident by the chick and stylish mansions and avenues of El Vedado.

The beaches that Cuba has to offer are stunning and are great for a number of activities such as sunbathing. You can also spend some time visiting the various attraction sites and museums or take part in water sporting activities.