Spanish for Island of Youth, Isla de la Juventud is the second largest island in Cuba and the seventh largest in the West Indies. The harbors of the island are not all too deep and as such, cruise ships are unable to dock. To take care of this, cruisers are tendered ashore by smaller boats.

Island de la Juventud is a tourist destination that is appreciated all across the planet, especially due to the great water sporting activities that it offers. Scuba diving for instance is very popular in this particular island.

It is located 100 km off the province of Havana on the Caribbean Sea and to the South Eastern side of the main island of Cuba. For cruisers who are looking for some fun time in Isla de la Juventud, a trip to Punta del Este Beach is worth trying out. The beach offers an intriguing cave system with stunning and exciting walls. Another beach that stands out on this island is the Bibijagua Beach whose striking black sand that arose from the sea erosion on the marble rocks have given a unique and rather attractive look.

If you would love a traditional way of moving around, you can rest assured that you will get fulfilled by the numerous horse-drawn taxis that are available in this amazing island. One can choose to either remain in the cruise ship and enjoy the friendly weather and moderate temperatures or get to the shore and enjoy the fun activities that are made available by the island.