Jamaica Placing Big Focus on Small Businesses

Jamaica is looking to invest in its tourism industry “beyond the development of hotel rooms” and place an emphasis on more projects in technology, infrastructure and services, along with a larger focus on smaller local businesses, according to Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett.

“The tourism industry is rapidly changing with the onset of new technologies which are changing the way we do business,” he said at the International Tourism and Investment Conference in London. “To keep apace…our investment focus should be on building the capacity of the suppliers in the industry who are the main drivers of tourism,” i.e.  Small and Medium Tourism Enterprises (SMTEs), which he called “the backbone of the industry” and pointed to their passion and creativity in driving authentic experiences – something further fueled through Jamaica’s Tourism Enhancement Fund giving small businesses in Jamaica access to $7.2 million, and already disbursing more than $630,000 since September.