Manuel Antonio National Park Ready for High Season in Costa Rica

Thanks to a strong inter-institutional coordination, the support of the community and the private sector, the Ministry of Energy and Environment (MINAE) was able to implement several improvements at the Manuel Antonio National Park to respond to tourist visitation, guaranteeing the protection of ecosystems and the good service to visitors.

This National Park, created in 1972, protects 352 plant species, 107 mammals, 335 birds, 93 reptiles and 56 amphibians and therefore all activities carried out must contribute to its actions to safeguard the functionality of its ecosystems.

“Internally at MINAE we have carried out important efforts and strengthened the interinstitutional relations and those with strategic allies with the idea of taking the Park to the level of a first world park that will allow social-economic development without risking its ecological value”, commented Pamela Castillo, Vice-Minister of Natural Resources.

Among the improvements, Castillo highlighted the construction of a wastewater treatment plant that involved an investment of $40,000 and replaces the old septic tank that has caused sanitary problems in the past.

More personnel for the attention of tourists has also been hired to face the high season coming up, new sanitary equipment was installed, and more than 600 people participated in environmental education and beach cleaning programs.

“The economic contribution of wildlife protected areas is something tangible and therefore we must invest in the conservation and the constant improvement of its services”, continued Castillo.

The Costa Rican Tourism Board expects to continue in 2020 with the design and building of new bathrooms and improvement of the current toilets.
The treatment plant installed replaces the old septic tank and includes alerts for when maximum capacity is reached. It also measures water consumption from the bathrooms through low impact technology. This plant was donated by the Association Costa Rica por Siempre and it includes the maintenance of the same for period of 5 years.

The Ministry of Transportation will present a proposal to improve the car transit in the streets outside of the National Park.

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