Have you ever wondered how clean your cruise ship is?

Before boarding, or even booking, it is possible to find out more than you think about the sanitation and cleanliness aboard every cruise ship that docks in the United States. This information, provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), may calm some of your fears about health and safety on the biggest cruise liners in the world.

Inspections by the CDC

As part of the Department of Health and Safety, the CDC is responsible for promoting environmental health, as well as preventing and preparing for health concerns. The directive for the CDC includes protecting Americans from threats to their health, safety, and security. To effect this directive, the CDC must oversee and inspect an industry that could put Americans at risk of illness or disease. Those who patronize the cruise industry are vulnerable to gastrointestinal illnesses, outbreaks of norovirus, and food-related sickness caused by improper preparation.

Through the Vessel Sanitation Program, the CDC has taken steps to prevent these illnesses from affecting cruise passengers today and in the future.

The CDC’s Vessel Sanitation Program partners with cruise companies to prevent and control gastrointestinal illnesses on a cruise ship. As part of this partnership, the Vessel Sanitation Program provides best practices and training to cruise ship employees. The program also conducts two annual inspections of every cruise ship that docks in the United States.

These inspections are unannounced to the cruise ship owner or operator. The Vessel Sanitation Program reviews the operational sanitation of every cruise ship, and it makes the results of its inspections known to the general public through the CDC website.

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