Tobago Cays are islands located in the southern part of the Grenadines comprising of five small islands and extended coral reefs. Tobago cays include these; Petit Rameau, Baradal, Petit Tabak, and Jamesby.

Although all these cays remain uninhabited they are popular tourist destination and they currently make the Tobago Cays Marine Park. This park is run by the St. Vincent & Grenadines’s government is a popular tourist destination where U.S. tourists especially from the US frequently visit.  Tobago Cays Marine Park includes the sand-bottomed lagoon covering an area of approximately 1,400 acres. This is a place scuba divers can enjoy diving in.

There is an interesting water sport that is slowly gaining prominence in the cays which is kite surfing. Other activities for tourists to indulge in include island hiking and boat riding etc. You will love Tobago Cays for the quiet atmosphere it will offer you.